PMP Certification

Links to posts concerning Project Management Professional (PMP) certification.

The Project Management Institute (PMI) and its methodologies

What is PMI? An explanation of the Project Management Institute and its goals.

What is the PMBOK? An explanation of the Product Management Body of Knowledge and the information it contains.

Attending PMI meetings: All about PMI meetings and the benefits of attending them.

Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification

Is it worth getting PMP certified? A personal analysis of the pros and cons for studying for and taking the PMP certification exam.

Plan your PMP certification process like a project: You’re hoping to earn a project management credential. Why not plan out your application and study sessions like a project?

How to study for the PMP exam: The methods I recommend you use to prepare for the PMP examination.

How to get project management work experience without PMP certification: Ways to earn project management experience for the PMP application when many project management jobs require PMP certification of applicants.

Is PMP certification valuable in your field? Ask Human Resources: Asking your Human Resources department whether or not PMP certification is valued at your company or in your field is a smart idea.

Do I have enough work experience to take the PMP exam?: How to find out whether or not you have the required hours of work experience to apply to take the PMP examination.

How to file your work experience on the PMP application: How to document the project management hours you have worked, and prepare for a potential PMI audit.

Applying to take the PMP exam without proof of work experience: PMI is likely used to people applying for the PMP credential without being able to prove their work experience due to security clearance or defunct companies.

Should engineers get PMP certified? Whether or not technical workers should consider taking the PMP exam to become PMP certified project managers.

PMP Certification salaries: men vs women. A project manager from India quoted me on an infographic showing some of the differences experienced by project managers of different genders, so I shared it on this site.

Earning Professional Development Units (PDUs)

What are PDUs? Information about Professional Development Units and different ways to attain them.

An overview of PMI’s new PDU category structure: An explanation of the new PDU category structure, introduced in March, 2011.

PMI’s new requirements for earning Professional Development Units: PMI’s new PDU requirements, introduced in the fall of 2015.

Claiming PDUs by working as a project manager: Perhaps the easiest way to claim PDUs; claim them for your ongoing work as a professional project manager.

Volunteering for PDUs: How to volunteer your time for your local PMI chapter or for a charity or nonprofit organization in order to earn PDUs.

Earning PDUs by sharing project management knowledge: Using blogs or otherwise sharing your knowledge of project management to earn PDUs.

PMI’s Registered Education Provider (REP) program: Information about the Registered Education Provider program, how a trainer can become a certified REP, and the benefits of taking project management training classes from REPs.

The Project Management Institute in the news

Highlights from the PMI Project Management Salary Survey: Information taken from PMI’s 2010 Project Management Salary survey, featuring the average salaries of PMP-certified project managers from country to country.

Project manager salary update: PMI’s 2015 update of project manager salaries around the world.

PMP Certification Growth Rate: A personal analysis of the growth rate of PMP certification and its implications on the project management profession.

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Hi Brian,
Many thanks for sharing this valuable information with the wider group.
I have a quick question/dilemma.
I am planning to prepare for PMP certification, but before that i wanted to get some feedback from your experience/opinion if i should take the exam post July 31st with the new course material or should i try to finish it before the new course is effective.
Your valuable feedback is highly appreciated.

Hi Gaurav,

It looks like I’m a bit late to answer your comment – sorry about that! My advice probably would have been to finish your studies before the new course came into effect… that way, all the course material would be based on the current releases of the PMP study guides, and you would have fewer unknowns.

I wonder if that’s what you did! In either case, I hope all went well.


Dear Brian,

Does exam difficulty differ based on the hours of management experience we show above 4500 hours ?

Say, 5000 hours less tough…and 7000 hours more tough questions ??


Hello Mohan,

No, I’m pretty sure the PMP examination is the same regardless of what project management experience candidates have when sitting to take the exam… basically, questions are pulled at random from a question bank and then presented to the test taker. I don’t even think PMI keeps track of how much project management experience you have when you apply – I think they simply want to know that you have the necessary hours to take the exam.

Hope this helps!

hello Brian,

once if we get the CAPM certification , can we take up the PMP certification immediately after CAPM,

do we need to get some project management experience after CAPM certification.

i have 3 years of professional career experience, in which i have been part of 3 major projects.

Hello Chida,

In order to get PMP certified, you need to have the 4500 hours of project management work experience. Whether or not you have the CAPM does not make a difference when you’re applying to take the PMP examination – you simply need to have the proper amount of project management work experience and education.

Thanks for asking, and best of luck!

I have a question about recurring projects on my PMP application. Every year I would do the same 3 projects, business planning & review, marketing plan, and market share plan. I listed the year of the project in the title, so PMI knows it’s a different project, but essentially the same work (descriptions are identical). Will that fly?
Thank you,

Very interested in this question as well. From I know, if you initiate and formally close it out and complete it, I would say yes. That comes from a friend that is certified.

Hello Trisha,

Yes, I believe that would be fine, especially if you listed the different years of the projects that you managed that are in question. That said, you’d want to make sure the descriptions of the projects that you managed were actually projects, with “unique products, services, or results”. You wouldn’t want to give the idea that the work that you managed involved business processes instead of projects (unless that is what they were, in which case you wouldn’t be able to use them in your application).

Thanks, and all the best to you!

Do you have a sample of the summary project?

“In the space provided below, summarize this project. The summary should include the project objectives and your role, as well as key deliverables and outcomes by Process Groups. The description should include examples of how you led and directed this project. Ensure that your description is between 300 and 550 characters.”

Hello Brian,

do you know of someone or website who can review my PMP application before applying, a professional eyes to review project role and description, etc..

also what is the best place to take the tanning course to prepare for the test. there is millions of places when you search the internet? but which ones are reliable. I live around the Ottawa area. but don’t mind going to Toronto if needed.

Many Thanks for your time.


Hi Mona,
I can help to review your application.Please visit to visit similar assignments accomplished by searching my name.

Jai Amrit Raj,PMP

Hello Mona,

I do not know of any organizations who do this (though the fellow below seems to have provided one). That is not a bad idea to have someone go through your application and make sure that it is in good shape.

Meanwhile, you are correct that they are plenty of places to take the training courses to prepare for the PMP examination. I didn’t take one myself – I used other project management education to satisfy my own project management education hours to apply to take the PMP exam. As such, I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to give you any specific ideas – though perhaps you might check at your local PMI chapter in Ottawa? I know there is an active one there, and they would likely have some good advice for you.

Thanks, and best of luck.

Hi Brian,
I have experience as a BA for 8 months,tester as one and half years and test lead as 1 year.Do you think i can apply for PMP certification?
Appreciate your time!

Thanks in advance

Hello Maria,

That depends – you would have to check to make sure that you had 4,500 hours of professional work experience leading and directing projects (if you have a Bachelor’s degree, that is). You can use an Excel spreadsheet or some other method to tally up your hours and come up with a final result. It seems to me that you do not yet have that experience, but as I do not know what other experience you have under your belt, it is hard for me to say.

Best of luck to you!

Hi Brian,
First of all I would like to thanks for sharing such valuable details regarding PMP certification, which really help many like me.

would you be so kind to advice, I having 6 year Finance back-office experience – working in 5 different companies and different profile. I want to go for PMP certification, but I can’t understand that am I eligible for PMP certification.
appreciate your Time &

Hello Rakesh,

As long as you have the proper amount of work experience leading and directing projects, you should be eligible. You do not have to actually have been a “project manager” to get your PMP certification, as long as you were managing projects in the various process areas. You might ask your Human Resources department for advice, as they may have seen people apply to get PMP certified before. Good luck!

Hi Brain thanks for appreciation and yes this is created by me for PMP aspirants, this blog created with follow the guide line of PMI..

Hi Brian,
Thank you for sharing this information in this site. Correct me if I am wrong, but PMI requirements is that work experience must be within the last 8 years. For me, my work experience leading and directing projects spans the last 15 years whereby the bulk was within the first 5 years and the rest has been the last 7 years. Please confirm this is the case.

Thank you,

Hello Fran,

Yes, that is correct. The professional work experience that you use to apply to take the PMP examination must have been earned during the previous eight years. I hope that you are close enough that you will be able to build up those hours in good time. Best of luck to you!

Hi Brian,
I have 17 years experience managing Engineers and directing the projects associated with that. The last 1-1/2 years I have had PM’s as direct reports. My title was “Global Director of Systems Engineering”. I was recently laid off so going back in memory and listing every project would be difficult. If my supervisor attests to my position, is that sufficient for the experience qualification? I’d like to take the PMP as an additional capability I can offer potential employers.

Hey Brian!

I have read the whole thread and the advises that you’ve given to everyone. I have become your fan already!

I am an MBA and involved in the management consulting field since 2011. Ours is a startup of two professionals and together we pulled off many projects along the 6 years life of our consulting firm. During this time we were involved in training/ capacity building programs, surveys, institutional strengthening exercises, bench-marking and process improvement projects for various clients in the public, private and NGO / INGO sector.

During all this time we were not always involved in projects. There have been times we were having no project at hand for 4-6 months. My question is, how do i calculate my professional experience for PMP certification?
Do i have to only mention the time we were actually involved projects? Or the whole 6 years count as professional experience?

Thanks in advance!

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