PMP Certification

Links to posts concerning Project Management Professional (PMP) certification.

The Project Management Institute (PMI) and its methodologies

What is PMI? An explanation of the Project Management Institute and its goals.

What is the PMBOK? An explanation of the Product Management Body of Knowledge and the information it contains.

Attending PMI meetings: All about PMI meetings and the benefits of attending them.

Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification

Is it worth getting PMP certified? A personal analysis of the pros and cons for studying for and taking the PMP certification exam.

Plan your PMP certification process like a project: You’re hoping to earn a project management credential. Why not plan out your application and study sessions like a project?

How to study for the PMP exam: The methods I recommend you use to prepare for the PMP examination.

How to get project management work experience without PMP certification: Ways to earn project management experience for the PMP application when many project management jobs require PMP certification of applicants.

Is PMP certification valuable in your field? Ask Human Resources: Asking your Human Resources department whether or not PMP certification is valued at your company or in your field is a smart idea.

Do I have enough work experience to take the PMP exam?: How to find out whether or not you have the required hours of work experience to apply to take the PMP examination.

How to file your work experience on the PMP application: How to document the project management hours you have worked, and prepare for a potential PMI audit.

Applying to take the PMP exam without proof of work experience: PMI is likely used to people applying for the PMP credential without being able to prove their work experience due to security clearance or defunct companies.

Should engineers get PMP certified? Whether or not technical workers should consider taking the PMP exam to become PMP certified project managers.

PMP Certification salaries: men vs women. A project manager from India quoted me on an infographic showing some of the differences experienced by project managers of different genders, so I shared it on this site.

Earning Professional Development Units (PDUs)

What are PDUs? Information about Professional Development Units and different ways to attain them.

An overview of PMI’s new PDU category structure: An explanation of the new PDU category structure, introduced in March, 2011.

PMI’s new requirements for earning Professional Development Units: PMI’s new PDU requirements, introduced in the fall of 2015.

Claiming PDUs by working as a project manager: Perhaps the easiest way to claim PDUs; claim them for your ongoing work as a professional project manager.

Volunteering for PDUs: How to volunteer your time for your local PMI chapter or for a charity or nonprofit organization in order to earn PDUs.

Earning PDUs by sharing project management knowledge: Using blogs or otherwise sharing your knowledge of project management to earn PDUs.

PMI’s Registered Education Provider (REP) program: Information about the Registered Education Provider program, how a trainer can become a certified REP, and the benefits of taking project management training classes from REPs.

The Project Management Institute in the news

Highlights from the PMI Project Management Salary Survey: Information taken from PMI’s 2010 Project Management Salary survey, featuring the average salaries of PMP-certified project managers from country to country.

Project manager salary update: PMI’s 2015 update of project manager salaries around the world.

PMP Certification Growth Rate: A personal analysis of the growth rate of PMP certification and its implications on the project management profession.