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Sonic toothbrush

Respect your product or service’s core function

I have a Panasonic sonic toothbrush that I bought for a decent price a few months ago from Groupon. It is a pretty good toothbrush – for proper oral hygiene I recommend using a sonic toothbrush in general (and flossing regularly, of course). One feature that this particular sonic toothbrush has goes as follows: every […]

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Usability bandit

Usability testing and its two evil brothers

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about how we use usability in the design process or more specifically, our impetus for doing usability. When most people think of usability testing, they think of a user sitting in front of an application, talking about what they think about the application…and in some ways that’s pretty much […]

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Baby hacker

Enforcing improvement upon your users

Back when I was working as an intern at Microsoft (over a decade ago!) I wrote a couple of articles for my site Process Magic (now not much more than an example of what web design used to look like). I came across this one the other day and found it still relevant, so I […]

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