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Sonic toothbrush

Respect your product or service’s core function

I have a Panasonic sonic toothbrush that I bought for a decent price a few months ago from Groupon. It is a pretty good toothbrush – for proper oral hygiene I recommend using a sonic toothbrush in general (and flossing regularly, of course). One feature that this particular sonic toothbrush has goes as follows: every […]

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Project Management on Pinterest

Project Management on Pinterest

Lately I’ve been getting into using Pinterest, a social networking site designed to allow users to collect and share information by “pinning” things that they find useful or interesting onto “boards”; pages within a user’s hierarchy of pages dedicated to a topic of the user’s choice. You can also collaborate on boards; multiple authors can […]

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Twitpic logo

How and when to use Twitpic

The other day I was involved in a discussion that included talk about Twitpic, the most popular of the real-time media sharing sites on the Internet. The service was started by a fellow in Charleston, South Carolina, the town where I last lived (in fact, the site I just shared was designed by a friend […]

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A grocery store in Panama

Customer contact points, and why they matter

What are customer contact points? Customer contact points are those points of contact at which businesses interact directly with their customers. This can include, for example, in-person communication, telephone conversations, interaction through the Internet, company-sponsored kiosks, and in-person customer support. Most businesses generally know what their customer contact points are, but many don’t seem to […]

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A cute bluebird

Using Twitter as a business tool

Lately I’ve been using Twitter in an attempt to connect and communicate about relevant, real-time information about some of the things I’m interested in – project management, PMP certification, the cities of Charleston (where I currently live), Ottawa and Toronto (where I’m from), and electronic music, to name a few. It’s a fun and addictive […]

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Usability bandit

Usability testing and its two evil brothers

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about how we use usability in the design process or more specifically, our impetus for doing usability. When most people think of usability testing, they think of a user sitting in front of an application, talking about what they think about the application…and in some ways that’s pretty much […]

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Gravatar - Globally Recognized Avatars

Get yourself a Gravatar

Contrary to what you might think when you first hear its name, a Gravatar is neither an Autobot nor a Decepticon. Rather, it is a Globally Recognized Avatar, an avatar (or image) that follows you to the WordPress blogs you go to online (Blogger doesn’t currently use Gravatars, but if you’re a Blogger user there […]

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Collecta widgets for individual WordPress posts

EDIT: Unfortunately, as of June 1, 2011, Collecta has shut down its real-time search service. But all may not be lost; Collecta has indicated that it plans to work with a variety of organizations (including United Way crisif relief projects) to open source its software. A while back I wrote a post about the new […]

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Baby hacker

Enforcing improvement upon your users

Back when I was working as an intern at Microsoft (over a decade ago!) I wrote a couple of articles for my site Process Magic (now not much more than an example of what web design used to look like). I came across this one the other day and found it still relevant, so I […]

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What is a social network?

Auto-posting to social media sites using aggregators

There are plenty of social media sites out there. The Wikipedia list of social networking websites currently lists 180 social networking sites that exist online – and that number is going to grow. Several sites make an attempt to make sense of all of the chaos surrounding social media by creating aggregators that bring all […]

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