Frequently Asked Questions

I try to answer as many questions I can on this site, most of which concern PMP and CAPM certification. However, I am admittedly way behind in answering questions, and I am well aware that by the time I answer someone’s question, they’ve probably already gone through the process to get CAPM or PMP certified. So here is a quick FAQ about asking questions and finding relevant information on this site. Thank you!

Is my question already answered on this site?

Hopefully this is a frequently asked question by all visitors to this site. I have already answered many questions on the various posts. The best way to find the answer to your particular question is to do a search by keyword on the post that interests you. So if you are interested in learning whether or not attaining PMP certification is right for you, you could do a quick search on the Pros and Cons of PMP Certification post.

Can you tell me if I have enough hours to apply for the PMP exam?

This is one of my most frequently asked questions, and unfortunately I don’t have the power to answer it. The only person who can answer this question is you. I recommend going through your hours of personal work experience and tallying up how many hours of professional project management work experience you have in an Excel spreadsheet or similar. If you have 4,500 hours and a Bachelor’s degree, then you are good to go. Remember that you need to have attained work experience in all of PMI’s process groups to apply to take the PMP examination.

Is PMP certification useful in the field of finance/HR/construction/medicine?

PMI designed its project management processes to be useful for project managers in all fields. Several of the examples in PMI’s materials, for example, are based on construction scenarios. However, the majority of PMPs can be found in the field of Information Technology. If you’re not in IT, I recommend asking people in your Human Resources department, or other professionals in your field, whether or not they believe project management certification would be useful in your particular domain.

Is PMP or CAPM certification right for me?

The best way to answer that is to read the posts about the pros and cons of PMP certification and CAPM certification, weighing your financial situation and where you are in your professional career, and making a decision. If you ask me this question, I will tell you to do this, and I will also say that in my experience, more education is always better. Project management knowledge is useful in all areas of life; you are never going to miss out on a job opportunity because you are CAPM or PMP certified.

Should I answer questions on this site?

The answer to that one is a resounding yes! As I am behind in answering questions on this site, if you happen to know the answer to someone’s question, please go ahead and answer it. I always appreciate the input of other project managers and those who have gone through the process of PMP certification (and PMI audits – I did not have to go through a PMI audit myself, so I do not have any experience with them). If you write a comment directing someone to your business, I am likely to delete your post unless you post something useful with your post. I am happy to give people the opportunity to link back to their blogs or businesses, but only if they contribute something meaningful to the site.

Thank you for visiting this site, and best of luck to you!

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