A bad project management shirt

As a project manager, trust your team

The other day I was shown some targeted marketing for a T-shirt on my Facebook feed. The T-shirt was geared toward senior project managers (which is something I’d listed in my work experience). This is what it said: Senior Project Manager: We do precision guess work based on unreliable data provided by those of questionable […]

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PMP salaries men vs women

PMP Certification salaries: men vs women

Chetan Ramesh from Bangalore, India sent me a tweet to let me know that he’d included a quote from this web site in an infographic he had created for Simplilearn. His infographic shows a global comparison between the experiences and salaries of men and women, based on data, where PMP certification is concerned. He also […]

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Sonic toothbrush

Respect your product or service’s core function

I have a Panasonic sonic toothbrush that I bought for a decent price a few months ago from Groupon. It is a pretty good toothbrush – for proper oral hygiene I recommend using a sonic toothbrush in general (and flossing regularly, of course). One feature that this particular sonic toothbrush has goes as follows: every […]

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PMO Framework

The Virtual Project Management Office (PMO)

My dad, Tony Crawford, is an accomplished fellow. He’s been working in the field of Information Technology since his graduation from King’s College in London over 45 years ago. Many of those working years have been spent managing projects, programs, people, and data. He’s worked as a high-level executive for the Canadian government, as an […]

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A desk in a home office

A project manager’s responsibility

Nobody’s ever asked me what I think is the most important function of the project manager. There are many potential answers to this question. However, I would say that the project manager’s most important function is responsibility. I’ve met many project managers in my career, who manage their projects using different styles and abilities. Some […]

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Calculating PMP work experience

Do I have enough work experience to take the PMP exam?

I get asked a lot of questions on this site (which I am always happy to answer)! By far the most common question I am asked is: Do I have enough work experience to take the PMP exam? In order to apply to take the PMP examination, applicants need to have acquired 4,500 hours of […]

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PDU requirement changes

PMI’s new PDU requirements

For the fall of 2015, The Project Management Institute (PMI) has changed their Professional Development Unit (PDU) requirements for PMP certified project managers interested in renewing their credential. This is according to PMI’s Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) program. The various PDU categories from before have remained the same; however, the maximum and minimum quantities of […]

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PMP certificate

Project manager salary update

The Project Management Institute (PMI) released its 2015 Global Job Report at the beginning of this year. Inside, they listed updates to the economic outlook for different countries around the world, and how project managers and other project professionals are faring in the job market in terms of salaries and job opportunities. It turns out […]

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A salt mine in Salzburg, Austria

Continuous improvement means more than just improvement

Whenever I read about continuous improvement, I’m always a little surprised that the improvement part is only a small part of the equation. After all, if you are simply “improving”, you may think you’re doing a great service to your organization, but in fact, you may simply be spinning your wheels! In order to really […]

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The human side of project management

The human side of project management

Project management hiring managers tend to place a lot of emphasis on two things: experience managing multi-million dollar projects, and PMP (Project Management Professional) certification. Both great line items to list on a resume. But if you’re an experienced project manager, then you are well aware that someone who has experience managing projects and who […]

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