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NASA rockets at LEGOLAND Florida

Project managers should have technical knowhow

A friend of mine works as a web developer at a local company. He is technically adept, and a go-to guy to solve technical problems faced by the company. Lately, he has been having some frustrations with some of the project managers on his team. He mentioned that the project managers he works with do […]

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Ask your Human Resources department

Is PMP certification valuable in your field? Ask Human Resources

Having written about the pros and cons of PMP certification, I get asked a lot of questions about whether or not the PMP is right for specific individuals. Often, a person will ask me some variation of the following question: “I’m a specialist in such-and-such a domain, living in such-and-such a country; is it worth […]

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Proof of PMP work experience

Applying to take the PMP exam without proof of work experience

One of the most popular posts found on this blog is my post about how to file your work experience when applying to take the PMP examination. In order to apply to become a PMP certified project manager, you need to have earned a certain amount of professional work experience. To be precise, you need […]

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Planning your PMP certification

Plan your PMP certification process like a project

Plenty of project professionals from around the world are interested in becoming PMP certified. There are many good reasons that someone might choose to put themselves through the extensive time and effort involved with becoming a PMP-certified project manager. Maybe you are considering it yourself? If you’ve decided you’re going to go for it and […]

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Project communication

Communicating weekly project tasks

It should come as no surprise to anybody that one of a project manager’s most important tasks is planning other peoples’ work. To successfully manage a project, a project manager must achieve a thorough understanding of the entirety of work that needs to be completed on a project, how difficult it is, how long it’s […]

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Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

How to make a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

When people think about project management tools, the tool that most frequently springs to mind is the project schedule, usually created using Microsoft Project. The project schedule normally comprises a colorful Gantt chart showing a visual representation of project tasks over time. But before project managers start work on the formal project schedule, there is […]

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CAPM certification

Is CAPM certification worth getting?

I frequently get asked questions about whether or not PMP certification is worth getting… I answer those questions on my post about the pros and cons of PMP certification. I’ve been a PMP certified project manager for a number of years now, and I have found that having the letters PMP behind my name has […]

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Getting PMP work experience

How to get project management work experience without PMP certification

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of questions on my post about whether or not it’s worth getting PMP certified. The most common questions I receive are about whether or not someone has enough project management work experience to apply to take the exam. According to PMI, in order to apply to take the PMP […]

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Project management communication

Improving communication with remote team members

When you’re working as a project manager for a global company, you will likely be speaking with a great number of different project stakeholders… clients, project teams, your Project Management Office (PMO), your project’s executive sponsors… the list goes on. And if you’re anything like me, you might be living and working in one part […]

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Project management certifications

PMP vs. Agile: which certification is best?

On my post about the pros and cons of PMP certification, project managers (and wannabe project managers) often ask me: Which certification is best, PMP, or ScrumMaster (Agile) Certification? I myself am both PMP and ScrumMaster Certified, and the short answer that I give is that I believe they are both worth getting. If you’re […]

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