IT Project Management one of America’s best jobs

Today Focus published the following graphic that displays, based on salary, flexibility, job security and other factors, the best jobs in America:

Best Jobs in America

IT Project Management scored as the 5th best job in America, out of 7,000 jobs – a great success for the profession. Professional project management is a well-paying job with great opportunities for growth and career satisfaction. Software Product Management also scored well, at 16th on the list.

In general, the Information Technology field did really well in Focus’ survey – in the top 30 jobs, 7 of them were in IT (including the top spot, Systems Engineer). Not only that, but many of the other jobs in the top spots can also be commonly found within the realm of IT and software – Product Management Director, Sales Director, Financial Analyst, Certified Public Accountant and Human Resources Manager, to name five.

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