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A conversation in New Orleans, LouisianaI have added a new section to the Entangled website called Entangled English. This section of the site will feature English vocabulary, grammar and slang used while working in an English-speaking business environment. It will likely concentrate on American Business English, as that’s what I’m most familiar with having worked in the United States for the majority of my career, but I’ll also branch out into terms used in other English-speaking countries.

So why the new section?

For a while now my wife Yvonne has been blogging English lessons on her English language teaching web site, The English Guru. For her it has been a great deal of fun; she’s met a tremendous number of people from a wide variety of different countries interested in learning English. I was very impressed by the way that people have been interacting with her and the site on her Facebook page, and wanted to participate!

As such, I created Entangled English as a subsite of Entangled.com and plan to post business-specific English language tips on the site, as a complement to Yvonne’s site. I also hope to engage in discussions about conducting business in English on the Entangled Facebook page as well as on The English Guru Facebook page.

Please check it out and let me know what you think!

Entangled English

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Hi Brian,

I’m so happy I found your wonderful website. I am a professional writer, and I split my time between freelance work and the higher education industry as a writing specialist (tutoring department) with developmental students.

I keep seeing job openings I could fill, in higher education, with project management certification requests. When I think of PMP or CAPM certifications, I typically think of IT or engineering fields that are outside of education. Anyway, I have organized (all by myself, thank you very much)student events with full media coverage. So, does that mean I could count the Therapy Dog Days as project management? I’ve also been the strategy lead on a team grant project. Would that count too?

Thank you for explaining these details to a novice.


Hello Verna,

Thanks very much for your kind comments about the website – I really appreciate them!

As for your question, PMI requires you to have 4,500 hours of professional work experience leading and directing projects (if you have a Bachelor’s degree). That means that any volunteer work that you did, or work that you completed as part of your education, would not count toward those hours – they have to be hours of professional work experience. So it doesn’t seem that the work that you completed for Therapy Dog Days would count if it was something that you did as a student event at your university.

Meanwhile, if you were the strategy lead on a team grant project, and paid for it in a professional manner, then that work experience might apply as long as it was work experience leading and directing projects as per PMI’s requirements.

I hope this helps – all the best to you in your education and future project management career.

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